Tips To Remember When Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Each one has different taste and views related to shoes. The task of choosing wedding shoes is daunting and tiring. Finding a good pair which works best with the wedding dress is never easy. Hence, here we are to help you and guide you with some amazing tips which you should remember when choosing your wedding shoes.

1) Comfort Comes First!

So, you have loved those sparkling shoes with high heels? But are you sure you can cat walk in those pencil heels? Will you be comfortable with your wedding shoes from morning till night? While choosing proper wedding shoes, comfort should be kept in mind. Especially, the Indian wedding is long and exhausting affair. Hence, choose the shoes which have additional padding so as to keep your legs supported for long time.
If you are not comfortable in heels, go for flats or vice versa. Don't try something new exactly on your D' day.

2) Shoes To Fit With Your Dress:

Take time to order your wedding shoes. Don't be in hurry. Check the length of your dress and then choose the shoes accordingly. If you are opting for customized shoes then make sure you give the shoe designer plenty of time so as to have everything perfect on your big day. Keep some margin time so that if anything goes wrong with the making of the shoes, you can have a fix it up time before your wedding day.

3) Color Consideration:

Just don't go blank when shopping for your wedding shoes. If you want to choose red, then plenty of hues of red are available. So, always carry a desired colored piece of cloth or anything which will fit in your bag when you step out for shopping.

4) Budget Friendly:

Do not overlook cost of your wedding shoes. It is recommended that one should spend up to 10% of the wedding dress cost. But if you still on the tight budget and don't want to spend more on shoes, then grab opportunities whenever you see a sale sign board infornt of any reputed shop.

5) Future of Your Wedding Shoes:

Before buying an extravagant shoe pair, always think about the future of your shoes if you are not a princess. Most of us just do not wear wedding shoes for only the wedding day, we use and use till they are worn out. Hence, the idea of splashing the expensive shoes for just one day is a big No! No!! You can always dye your shoes. Dying them to red, golden, black, silver can always help you to match them with some other dresses as well.

Choose a pair of wedding shoes that you really, really love. They will always remind you of your special day. A bride with a dress without fabulous shoes is never complete in her attire. Shoes add a touch of completeness to the overall look and define your refined personality. So, ladies buckle up for finding a classy a pair of shoes for your wedding day.